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Climbing Ninja - review

There are many things that might be interesting for you on the Internet. Look and see what this network can offer you. Maybe it can show you information that will be useful for you. Every page has a different story and it is easy to reach it. If you are a game lover you can find and play games from every genre on the network. When you find your favorite game, do not waste your time just start playing. If you can’t decide which game to play I recommend you to play Climbing Ninja.

Climbing Ninja is very interesting free online ninja game. This game is very easy to play and you can play it whenever you have free time.

Here in this game, you have a ninja character and your role is climbing on the top of the temples, collecting coins and avoiding the obstacles. Use your force and skills to grab more coins and dodge the spikes. Before you press the start button, read the game options where you can find everything connected to the game. First you should select the mode. That option gives you the choice to play as a beginner or a master. I prefer to select a beginner for a start and then as your skills increase you can choose the master level. When you are done with that, you go to see what the instruction's option has to say. Here you can find the ninja's movements, actually which button you need to press, so your character to make the right move. For accelerating up press the up key arrow and to stop press the down key arrow. If you want to make a move from one rope to another use the left and right key arrow. To jump on the next rope just press the space button. Important thing that you must know is that you don't need to press the arrow keys to make a ‘zig-zag’ movement between the ropes. When you are passing the stage on your way there are three kinds of coins. There are different coins, every color brings you much or less point depend of what you will collect. In this game your aim is to pass the temples and to fill it with a minimum amount of money. If you can't do that your money will be saved and you can spend it for shopping. In the shop you can buy lives or specials tactics that will help you collect more money while you are climbing on the top of a temple. It's not bad at all, you should try it. I hope that you will enjoy playing this game. Good luck!




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