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Impossible Ninja 2 - Ninja Game review

Our history is full of different persons that have played an important role for today's life. Each of them gave a personal touch to the period in which they lived. They came from all over the world and have the widest variety of names. The past centuries are full of hidden heroes, conquerors, kings, presidents and so on. Each of these persons had next to them a people confidence, the people who assist them and perform various tasks on their behalf. They were samurai, ninjas, commandos, etc… In the stories that exist today it is often difficult to separate historical fact from myth. Their characters like ninjas have superhuman abilities. It’s told that they were invisible, that they could walk on water or that they had control over nature. In fact they are specially trained group of people to attack and defense.

If you are intrigued a little bit and if you have desire to enter into their world, I know a shorter way to the term. On this way you get closer to the ninjas, knew them better, and even wear their training suit. Impossible Ninja 2 is a pass in that world. You will be stunned of surprises what's waiting for you. You need to be well trained in order to counteract the enemy. In this game some ninjas are trying to kill you. So you must build your own strategy to defend from their attacks. Wisely use all kind of weapons which are available. Watch your back because they are using some lethal weapons that can take your life in a matter of seconds. Use your mouse to shoot and to get the aim. Try to endure their attacks as long as you can. Use arrow keys to move yourself in the field. As the game progresses you are offered with other weapons like rifles, grenades and automatic. You collect them temporary. Be very careful, use the supplied weapons to collect as many points as you can and move to higher levels.

I hope you will like my proposal, and you will play more Ninja games for more of these excitements. Provide your imagination, entertainment and discover a whole new world. Do not forget to wear a training suit.

Good luck!




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