Title: Space Siege Warrior

Description:Welcome to Space Siege Warrior game from mofunzone. Meet the mercenary in this game. Some people call him "star ram", some "siege warrior", he is the only mercenary all over the galaxy, he is the only one who can storm the space bases alone. He travel from planet to planet and conquer bases utilizing weaponized space suit. In this game you can play his role. Become a mercenary, become a mighty space warrior, become siege warrior, try to take down an entire enemies base all by yourself. Earn income from every of the victories and use it to buy new weapons and upgrades. Try to destroy all the enemy robots and then get their base. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, use the space bar key or down key to use special, use your mouse to fire, use the M key to mute sounds and use the P key to pause the game. You are the only one who can conquer the galaxy. Show your power and do it. Play this awesome game and prove that you are grown up to this challenge. Good luck!

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Space Siege Warrior

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