Title: Ninja Cannon

Description:Ninja Cannon is a terrific free online ninja game. This game has over 32 levels to keep you going. Your goal in this cool game is simply to fight with your enemy. The game has variety of ninjas and a lot of enemies to attack. You have to destroy objects and defeat the demons by launching ninjas with your cannon. Each type of ninja has a unique ability. The black ninjas can slice objects, the white ninjas can pass through some objects, red ninjas can explode, golden ninjas can throw shurikens and the green ninjas can jump off of surfaces. Fire the ninjas at the buildings. Cannon power can be changed by moving the mouse pointer closer or farther. You canít change the order of the ninjas. Use the R key to restart the game, use the space bar key to smoke current ninja. Real ninja skills will allow you to complete most of the levels with a single shot. Concentrate on your goal and you will become Master Ninja. Earn a three-shuriken rating by completing each level with as few ninjas as you can. Play and enjoy!

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Ninja Cannon

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