Title: Little Samurai

Description:Play Little Samurai game, you won't regret, especially if you like samurai games. Little Samurai is a very interesting free online samurai game from Pencilkids. In this exciting game you have to guide this Little Samurai through the different scenes in the game. To play the game you have to click on objects to make it possible for the little samurai to pass through. Click on the samurai to make him move to the next scene. Try to win by doing as few clicks as possible. Help the Little Samurai defeat the evil Emperor Kuroi and free the Dragon from the dungeons of Kuroi's temple. This Samurai depend on you help him to progress through the the different scenes of the game. Use your samurai skills and abillitis to guide this little friend. Play this terrific free online samurai game and have much fun. Trust me, you will enjoy!

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Little Samurai

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