Title: Wild West Boxing Tournament

Description:Wild West Boxing Tournament is very fun free fighting game on net. Play the role of a strong boxer and fight with other strong boxers. Try to win the Wild West Boxing Tournament and become the best fighter ever. Beat the three fighters. You have to beat each of them in three rounds to go to the next level and to fight with the next fighter. First you must defeat the old looking and strong cowboy. Then, you have to fight against a fast frontiersman warrior. At the end you will cross the border and fight with fast Mexican fighter. If you defeat all 3 challengers you will become the Wild West Boxing Tournament champion. Punch the fighters in the face and knock them down. Use the Z key for left punch, X key for uppercut, C key for right punch, and use the space bar key for guard. Watch out on your health bar and stamina bar, both of which regenerate over time. If the health bar reaches zero, you will get knocked down. If the stamina bar reaches zero, you will have to wait until is full again. Enjoy in this extremely fun fighting game!

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Wild West Boxing Tournament

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