Title: Ninja Vs Zombie

Description:Ninja Vs Zombie is another awesome ninja game online and for free. Once again a brave ninja will be fighting against evil zombie. Your job in this exciting free ninja game is to help this brave ninja to fight off these brain eating zombies. To achieve your goal you can use your precious Shurikens to wipe them out in each level in the game. You have to throw your shuriken at the zombies to kill them. Use mouse to throw your Ninja Shurikens at the zombies. Also you can use other objects to throw at the evil zombies. Use your ninja fighting skills to win in all levels in this game. This game has totally 25 levels to play. After every good throw you earn three stars. Try to kill all brain eating zombies. Play this terrific free online ninja game and have a lot of fun. Good Luck, brave ninja!

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Ninja Vs Zombie

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