Title: Kick Head

Description:Kick Head is awesome free online ninja game. In this stunning game the Ninjas have shamed your master. And now it's time to kick head. Try to defeat the ninja hordes and restore the honor to your master. Try to play like a brutal karate master in order to unlock devastating new moves. Kick your way through six addictive levels and fight against evil ninja bosses, the undead and fire breathing dragons. Instructions: use the left and right arrow keys to move, use the up arrow key to jump, use the down arrow key for duck and use the space bar key to kick. This cool game will test your fighting abilitys. Try to become the ultimate fighting champion and try to complete tasks that have been given to you by your teacher. Use your martial art skills to fight against baddies. Use weapons and special fighting moves to overcome the challenge that lies ahead of you. Kicking your enemy to the head will instantly wipe them out of the equation. Try to be very precise. Good luck, ninja!

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Kick Head

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