Title: Ninja Cradle

Description:You have to play Ninja Cradle game, a very fun and interesting ninja game. In this cool game the baby Hime has been kidnapped. Its up to Baby Nin and his Magic Diapers to rescue her lovely little baby girlfriend from a nasty warrior that has kidnapped her. Your job is to play the role of this Baby Nin in this free online game. You have a magic diapers that can stick to walls and ceilings. To play this game you have to use your mouse to jump. Jump over things and watch out for dangers. Watch out for bamboo spikes. The game has 24 levels to play, but at the beginning only the first one you can play, the other levels are locked and you have to unlock it. Do your best to save the baby Hime. Try this game, I am sure that you will enjoy playing it. Have a lot of fun!

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Ninja Cradle

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