Title: Samurai Heart 2

Description:Samurai Heart 2 is free online samurai game. This game is second part of the famous Samurai Heart. In this cool game once again you play the role of a very brave samurai. The samurai's path is full with enemies and obstacles. Go through the levels and attack the enemies on your way. You have to jump on the block but try not to fall into pit. Use kicks and punches to beat off the warriors of enemy clan and use shurikens against especially dangerous killers. Use deadly strikes and sharp shurikens to slay your enemies. Use the arrow keys to move, use the Z key to throw shurikens, use the X key to hit and use the space bar key to block. Experience the adventures of courageous samurai. Use your samurai fighting skills to win in this awesome game. Play this terrific free samurai game and have a great fun!

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Samurai Heart 2

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