Title: Escape From Ninja Dojo

Description:Escape From Ninja Dojo is a very unique free ninja game on the internet. Your mission in this awesome game is to launch Rigby into ninjas and rescue him. Use your mouse to play this cool game and see more instructions how to play the game into the game. Click and drug with the mouse and than jump. You can turn the music on or off. Press start and than click on the lesson in the timetable of lessons to start playing the game. There are tottaly 30 lessons. Kick the ninjas in order to take their money. Try to earn as much money as you can. The more money you earn the more scores you score and the bigger is your grade. After you complete the Lesson 1 successfully you can go to the next lesson. Watch out on the sticky and deadly things in lesson 2 or you will lose the game. Have a great fun playing this stunning ninja game!

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Escape From Ninja Dojo

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