Title: Nitro Ninjas

Description:Nitro Ninja's is terrific free online ninja game that include fast driving and insane tricks. This game will be very challenging for the ones that like ninja games and racing games. In this awesome game you have to get on your bike and race the tracks. On your way you have to collect ninja stars and perform mad tricks. Try to ride your ninja bike as fast as you can and try to collect as many ninja stars on the way as you can. For every stunt you will earn bonus points. Try to earn as much points as possible. Race through an urban jungle with your katana in hand. Use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and reverse, use the left and right arrow keys to lean back and forward, use the space bar key to jump and while in the air use the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 to perform special stunts. Reach the finish line before the timer runs out or you will lose one life. If you lose all your lives the game will be over. Play this cool free ninja game and have a lot of fun!

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Nitro Ninjas

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