Title: Ninja Ball

Description:Ninja Ball is another free ninja game on the net. In this fun and interesting ninja game you are a ball with ninja skills and you are on a mission. Your mission is to collect a bunch of stars that are hidden in the game. This cool game has totally 20 crazy levels. Use the rope to jump around, use the W, A, S, and D key or the arrow keys to move in the game, use the space bar key to shoot ninja rope. See for more instructions in the game. Roll and jump in each level and try to collect all of the stars within the time limit. Try to complete all 20 levels and become a winner. Choose control training at the beginning of the game if you want to practice. Use your ninja skills to become a winner. Also try to earn as much points as you can to enter your score at the leader board. In the help menu you can see more instructions on how to play this cool game. Do your best. You can turn the sound on or you can turn the music on depending on your mood. Have fun playing this awesome ninja game!

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Ninja Ball

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