Title: Ninja Turtle Bike

Description:For ninja games and bike games admirers here comes another ninja game called Ninja Turtle Bike. Ninja Turtle Bike is very addictive free online ninja game. In this cool game the Ninja turtles are back and this time they are on a motorbike. Try to play the role of this ninja turtles, take your bike and ride through the sewers. Your goal is to hit the streets and reach the end. Be very careful and try not to fall. How to play the game instructions: use the left arrow key to balance left, use the right arrow key to balance right, use the up arrow key to gas and use the down arrow key to brake. This ninja game has totally 8 levels, but you have to pass the previous level so you can go to the next level. Try to unlock all 8 levels. Play this fun game and see if you can complete the levels by getting over the obstacles. Have a lot of fun playing this ninja bike game. Good luck, ninja turtle!

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Ninja Turtle Bike

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