Title: The Silence Killer

Description:The Silence Killer is awesome free online ninja game. Do you want to kill in silence? Then this cool game is the right one for you. In this game the city was invaded by terrible thugs who are now dominating and doing all kind of vandalism with the population. The main role in this fun game has The Silence Ninja. You have to use your ninja and stealth skills to help The Silence Ninja eliminate his enemy. Be careful, try not to let the enemy see you at all cost or they will kill you on sign. Your goal in this cool game is to eliminate as many enemies as you can in each level and collect as many points as you can. Try to eliminate enemies without making noise and without being discovered. You must act for the shadows and strike when the bad guys don't watch. This game has totally 9 levels. To play this game all you need is your mouse, aim and click with the left click. Play this terrific game and enjoy!

Rating: 3.00 [Rate]
The Silence Killer

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