Title: Ninja Combat

Description:Welcome to this super fun online ninja game Ninja Combat. After years and years of hard training, you are finally ready to take missions all by yourself. This fun game gives you the opportunity to test your ninja fighting skills. You have to collect powerful kunai and multy kunai in order to get rid of the cunning enemies and hidden cannons. The game has totally 6 levels to complete. The first stage is called Cliff. Try this game, see if you are ready to start the ninja journey and open the next stages. Try to avoid the attacking enemies. Instructions: use the W, A, S, D keys to aim and move through the game, use the K key to fire, use the L key to jump. During the game, try to collect weapons and collect apples to heal. You must destroy the spell to proceed to next level. Play this awesome free online ninja game and have fun!

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Ninja Combat

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