Title: Samurai Asshole

Description:Samurai Asshole is one very interesting online free samurai game. In ancient Japan, samurais were endlessly loyal to the masters they had. They had to protect the masters at any cost. Their masters were more important than their lives. In this terrific game you are a samurai just like the described you are very loyal to your master. You are a warrior revenging for your master who died at a dinner held by three local religious leaders. You must kill the three leaders. Be careful, in your surroundings may appear some defenders unexpectedly. Game controls are: use the arrow keys to move around the game, use the A key to attack your enemies, use the S key to jump and the D key to block your enemies when you are attacked. You will lose your game due to your death. Avenge your masters death to the three religious leader. Good luck, samurai!

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Samurai Asshole

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