Title: Ninja Golf

Description:Ninja Golf is stunning free online ninja game. This game is a remake of the most excellent Atari 7800 game that has long been forgotten. After many long years of training you are finally ready for the most difficult test of all. That test is 9 holes. Your quest for nirvana can only be fulfilled by using all your ninja skills. This brave ninja doesn't have a golf cart so he must run to where he punted the ball. Watch out for enemies as you go. At the end of each course, you must fight with a dragon of ultimate power. When Fighting use left and right arrow to move left or right, use spacebar to jump, use A for ninja kick and use S to throw shurikens (watch out you have a limited amount of shurikens). When Golfing use left and right arrow to aim and use spacebar to shoot. Kill animals, face off against evil ninjas and play this mean game of golf. I guarantee you that this game is absolutely fun to play. Enjoy playing this exciting game when ever you have the opportunity!

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Ninja Golf

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