Title: Fighters Rampage

Description:Fighters Rampage is very fun online free ninja game. First choose your character and fight other stickmen. You can choose from: Spartan – from Stick War, Jack – from SWAT, Scorpak, Yuken Crazy Jay - from Stickpage’s Mascot and Samurai Mack. You can choose quality: low, medium and high. You can choose to play single player mode or sandbox V 1. To play this game in single player mode use arrow keys to move through the game: use the left arrow key to walk back, use the right arrow game to walk forward, the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to block, use the A and the S keys to punch, use the D and the F key to kick, use W, E and R keys for special moves, use the space bar for super moves. To play this game in sandbox V 1 you can see the controls in the game they are different than in the single player mode. Now start playing this cool game and try to beat your opponent. Give your best; it is not going to be easy. Enjoy in this terrific ninja game!

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Fighters Rampage

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