Title: City of Zombies and Ninjas 3D

Description:Do you like playing games on internet? Do you like playing games with zombies? Do you like playing games with ninjas? If the answer of this three questions is yes than I will suggest you a game with zombies and ninjas that you can found on internet. It is free and you can play it online. This game is called City of Zombies and Ninjas 3D. You must try this game, it is awesome. City of Zombies and Ninjas 3D is very interesting online ninja game. In this terrific game you play as a beautiful girl ninja. Learn the moves first and start to play this cool game. You have instructions that will show you how to play. First play the story mode. You can choose a survivor mode but after you finish the story mode, because at firs the survivor mode is locked. In this cool game the human race is facing with a new threat. The new treat are the zombies-undead race. Your mission is to protect the city from the zombies in this stunning game. You are a sexy ninja and you have to fight this evil zombies. Before you start fighting with the zombies your teacher give you a Nihonto. Nihonto is your teachers finest sword. But you must have in mind that the sword is made for destruction not for salvation. now take this sword-Nihonto and fight with zombies. The zombies are very scary, bloody and ugly, but no Mather you must confront with them. To kill the zombies you can use other weapons too: use your katana, your ninja stars, your grenades etc. The first part of this game is called The Dead Horse. start playing this game and try to win. Everyone in the city are counting on you. Prove that you are grown up to the mission. Prove that you are one of the best ninjas ever. make your teacher proud. Good luck!

Rating: 2.60 [Rate]
City of Zombies and Ninjas 3D

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