Title: Flying Ninja

Description:You don't know what to do? I have a suggestion for you: use your free time on the Internet. You can do whatever you want. Play ninja games will fulfill your time with excitement and temptation. These games are very interesting and stunning, and also played from every edge in the world. It is good when you find an addiction full with excitement. It is fun and there is a part where you might find yourself in some of the characters in the games. Flying Ninja is free online ninja game. In this game you play the role of a flying ninja and your objective is to reach the target. Your aim is to defeat the bad ninjas and to save the kanoha from them. Force your skills with helping your character kakashi to get more scores and complete the game. Before you start playing, this game gives you an option that might need to be open. It shows you an opportunity to select the right mode: easy, normal and hard. When you are done with that, select the quality: low, medium and high. For this game only thing that you need is your computer mouse. To understand the movements of your flying ninja press the help option, where everything is explained very simple and understandable. The computer mouse is only tool for this game, as you lead and move your mouse your character will move the same. Use the left key on the mouse to throw a rope and with pressing the right key on the mouse you can take back the rope. This is very interesting and addictive game. The ropes that you use to fly are pretty much similar like a cobweb threads of a spider. They help you to move or I can say fly from one place to another. Without using the rope is imaginable to pass the stage. Be careful and try not to miss the rope and to fall down because that move takes your life, and you are losing the game. After you get touch, with the bad ninjas also takes your life, so beware and try to avoid and not to be in touch with the opposite characters. Like an amateur, I think is better to take the easy level for the beginning. Start up and lead your character to reach the aim. Have fun!

Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
Flying Ninja

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